Tips for Better Pancakes

Tips for Better Pancakes

Tips for Better Pancakes every time.

Whisk your dry ingredients to avoid big lumps.

lumpy pancakes as the boxed mix tend to clump and settle from being packaged. To avoid over-mixing the batter after adding the wet to the dry, de-lump your dry ingredients with a few flicks of the whisk. You can certainly sift your dry ingredients too.

Resist the over-mix.

Some lumps in the batter are okay, it’s better to have a few small lumps than a stiff, sticky batter than will be rubbery after frying. If you’ve whisked your dry ingredients before adding the wet, you should be able to gently bring the two together with a few deft swirls of your spoon. Resting the batter will take cake of any small lumps.

Rest the batter.

Mix pancake batter before doing anything else (before starting the coffee maker or preparing tea), then let it sit for at least 15 minutes (ideally 30) before warming the pan and get to pancaking. This is plenty of time to make a cup of coffee or prepare tea while the flour absorbs the liquid. Allowing some of the more stubborn lumps to take care of themselves.

Wipe out the pan between batches.

Pancakes can be fried in butter or oil. The one problem with frying your pancakes in butter is that the butter will eventually burn in the skillet. To avoid any off-tasting or burned bits, just wipe the skillet clean and add a dab more butter between batches.

Use cast iron for cooking. 

Cast iron is my skillet of choice for pancakes, because it heats well and browns the pancakes without an excess of butter. A nonstick pan or a griddle can be used too.

Make use of this Tips for Better Pancakes.

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