Why Phones Don’t Have Removable Batteries Anymore.

There still are phones with removable batteries on the market – you just don’t see them as much. They’re less popular and a little outdated. More common are gadgets with batteries that are glued and screwed into the inside of the phone. You can take it out only with special tools.

There are a few reasons why phones with removable batteries have lost their touch.

>Manufacturers want you to be stylish. These phones have a tighter and slim design as non removable batteries don’t need a back panel which means they take up less space inside the gadget. People nowadays want phones made of high quality materials and tonnes of features. This brings the cost of manufacturing lower hence cheaper smart phones. Its now possible to have water proof phones – the fewer places to let water in the easier it is to keep it out

>It’s better for your security – lets say someone stole your phone with the battery packed inside and difficult to get to it without removable back panel. It makes it harder for a thief to disable tracking features so your chances of finding your property are much higher.

>Non removable battery is not only for your convenience – The life span of an average smart phone battery is 24 months, after that it starts loosing its capacity and you have to keep charging your phone more often of which it becomes so annoying. you start having thoughts of buying a new smart phone or battery. your service provider will be happy to sell you a new phone!

Smartphone Removable vs Non Removable Battery

How to make your battery life last longer than 24 months of an average phone.

>Check battery usage – Sometimes just one power-hogging app might be the problem. Looking through your smartphone’s battery usage can help you pinpoint which app it is.

>Reduce the screen timeout – If your phone is on but you’re not using it, the screen will automatically turn off after some time, usually 1-2 minutes. That’s more than likely a lot longer than you need, so why not reduce it? Go to display and brightness level and keep it auto.

>Avoid using your phone while its charging – visiting social media sites, chatting, playing games and listening to music when your phone is plugged in can destroy battery charging cycles.

>Use airplane modes – when your phone is in airplane mode it stops sending and receiving radio signals which halts messages, emails, phone calls, WI-FI, Bluetooth connection and other services. Your phone will keep looking for a new connection as long as Bluetooth or WI-FI are enabled but the gadget isn’t connected to anything.

>Avoid temperature extremes .

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